It’s All About the Pipe, Baby!

This month’s Amy Warden soap challenge involved the word pipe which caught my attention pretty darned fast. I couldn’t imagine how a lead pipe might be involved in soap crafting. Since 1999 when after much research at the library(didn’t have the convenience of google or internet much back then) I attempted my first batch of soap which ended with success…but I digress.

So one of the things about soaping is you, me and whomever it be, cannot make “real soap” without ย the addition of lye aka sodium hydroxide if’n you wanna get all persnickety, smile. Lye is corrosive and does not play fair with most metals except for stainless steel. So I soap in safe thick plastic buckets or my ceramic lined crockpot that is dedicated to my soap crafting hot process batches.

See why the word pipe ย had me sitting in the lap of wonder with a big ole tiara decked with dancing question marks circling my head? Hardy Ha Ha and HA!

I signed up for the challenge because this one spoke to me like a …well, like a lead pipe!

A gander at the links provided shed light like dawn on a fresh new day. I thought to myself as I watched the fun “Oh yeah, this ones for me”. Sometime later, off I skipped, ahem okay I drove but in my head I was skipping, to the hardware store to buy little round doohickey thingies from the plumbing section. They are made of strong plastic and are indeed pipe shaped. My pan which is from BB&B was a lined textured drawer bin. It cost under $5.00 and was an impulse purchase after getting my mitts on the pipes!

pipe swirl mold set up july 2016

With my basic recipe I am ready to pipe play.



Traced soap split into 4 cups colored and ready to begin pour


I liked the pipe pouring play. It takes focus and careful speed.


Pulling of the pipes was interesting. I was crossed my fingers hoping I didn’t accidentally drop a pipe back onto the soap.


I found the skewer action quite fun!


Super busy with upcoming holiday activities this soap was in the mold for several days. The log was poured from leftover soap batter in the cups.


A few days after releasing from the mold the bars were cut and trimmed. They smell incredible. I made a blend of essential oils using lavender 40/42, lemongrass, 10 fold orange and a pass of the pot with eucalyptus.

When all was said done and done this batch is one I’m happy with. Though still curing I have had non-soapcrafter folks sniff and ooh la la this soap. The blend in this batch makes the bars smell like ย sweet summertime. ย Perhaps that is what I’ll name it. Thanks for reading along. I welcome your comments.

Pipe swirl soap trimming


27 thoughts on “It’s All About the Pipe, Baby!

  1. Beautiful soap, Kaye! I love reading your post, too ๐Ÿ˜ƒ! The scents sound perfect for summertime and the colors couldn’t be a more perfect compliment!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Michelle. I enjoyed writing this blog. It’s only my fourth entry but I’m becoming more comfortable with writing what and how I feel. I”m glad glimpses pop off this blog page ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Thank you for reading my blog and getting my humor. I try to inject a bit of fun in my writing when possible. Getting into the challenge had me feeling like a kid in a candy shop ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Wow! Enjoyed your post as I don’t know much about soap making, but Sweet Summertime sounds like a name from heaven. I would like a whiff of lavender, lemongrass, orange and eucalyptus – mmm, mmm! Your soap looks super pretty and glad you like the results. Maybe one day I might try a DIY, but I can just admire folks like you for now ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m tortagialla from swap-bot!


  3. Amazing work. I commented on Swap Bot about this and will let you know here, how much I appreciate your artistry. This is soap like I have never seen before. I can tell you put your love into it.


  4. I’ve always wanted to make soap. My mother made some for a while, but I think she used the melt and pour stuff. I would like to get into the ash and lye and all the caustic bits one day. I have too many hobbies to attempt it right now though.

    When I was in college, I did gel candles. Like you, I had kitchen stuff set aside JUST for my candles. I used a Presto pot, and I never cooked in it. Your crock pot just for soap reminded me of that.

    Stephanie – Blog Hop – July Round Up!


  5. Amazing! I was trying to guess what the result was going to be as I read and looked at the pictures and I wasn’t too far off. I like the slightly pastelly finish the photos show. -Angel1985 from SwapBot for September Blog Hop


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